Price list

We believe in transparency – especially when it comes to the cost of your treatment. Below you will find a detailed list of all costs that you should expect – depending on your individual situation. And there will be no small print or hidden extras.

Fund patients

Provided certain conditions are met, the Austrian IVF fund will carry 70 % of the treatment and medication costs for assisted fertility methods. As a couple, you will be asked to carry the remaining 30 % of treatment and medication costs. The deductible is dependent on the woman’s age and the form of treatment.

Deductible for fund patients:


  • IVF (aged up to 35): €896
  • IVF (aged between 36 and 40): €956
  • ICSI (aged up to 35) €992
  • ICSI (aged between 36 and 40): €1,053

The stated deductible includes the treatment and medication costs. There may be additional charges for anaesthesia, testicular puncture and the application of special methods. These are as follows:


  • Testicular puncture: €194
  • Anaesthesia: €290
  • Cryotransfer: €238
  • pICSI: €380

The IVF Fund does not pay for methods of natural fertilisation such as insemination. Patients will be asked to cover these costs independently (self-payment).


The following charges apply to patients not covered by the criteria of the Austrian IVF Fund:

IVF costs for self-payers:


  • IVF, not including medication, including additional costs: € 3.120

We offer three tailored medication packages to suit the individual necessities for hormonal stimulation:

  • Natural: €290
  • Mild: €630
  • Classic: €1.230

There are no additional charges (anaesthesia, blood and pregnancy tests)! So the total cost of your IVF is between €3,260 and €4,100. Costs therefore depend solely on the specific medical package that you require!

The following surcharges apply to the special methods ICSI and pICSI:

  • ICSI: €380
  • pICSI: €760 (including ICSI)

Additional charges for self-payers and for methods which are not covered under the fund:


  • Initial consultation: €120
  • Spermiogramme: €80
  • Medical consultation and/or ultrasound: €60
  • Insemination with semen from the partner: €480
  • Insemination with donor semen: €1.300
  • Cryotransfer: €1.200
  • Testicular puncture: €938
  • Assisted hatching: €240
  • Seminal plasma flushing: €220
  • hCG flushing: €220
  • Initial semen conservation, including storage for 12 months: €360
  • Embryo cryostorage: €30/month (from month 13) Nidation curettage/pipelle: €170
  • Semen cryostorage: €30/month (from month 13) Nidation curettage/pipelle: €170
  • Nidation curettage/pipelle: €190
  • Follow-up appointment: €70
  • Embryoglue: €110

All prices per treatment in euro, including the VAT. Valid from 18 March 2019. Printing errors and legislative changes reserved.


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