The Austrian Reproductive Medicine Act (FMedG) was completely reformed at the start of 2015. Among the most noteworthy changes was the extension of rights to artificial insemination for same-sex couples, as well as provisions for egg donation and preimplantation diagnostics.

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Preimplantation diagnostics/genetics


he emergence of new life requires healthy DNA (genes). At our centres, we offer both genetic counselling and clarification.


Genetic clarification should be considered

  • after several unsuccessful IVF attempts;
  • after several miscarriages;
  • if no reason for a lack of conception is identified;
  • if there is a family history of hereditary diseases;
  • if the semen quality is extremely substandard.



In addition to polar body biopsy, our institutes also offer trophectoderm biopsy according to the statutory requirements in collaboration with the HLN Genetic Institute of Vienna.


Trophectoderm biopsy: It may be advisable to conduct genetic analysis of embryos before they are transferred to the womb. This applies after more than three unsuccessful IVF attempts, over three miscarriages or if one parent carries a hereditary disease.


In contrast, polar body biopsy involves chromosome analysis of the egg cell, not the embryo. This procedure is sensible if the woman is a carrier of hereditary diseases. It is also worth considering this method for older patients who are more susceptible to chromosomal distribution disorders.


These genetic tests can only be conducted as part of an IVF treatment.



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Rainbow Families Centre

We are one of the few clinics in Austria that has specialised in the desire of lesbian couples to have children since the introduction of the Law on Reproductive Medicine (FMed) in 2015 and can therefore offer suitable experience.

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