This treatment method prompts natural fertilisation in the woman’s body. It flushes a concentrate of the most agile sperm cells extracted from the male partner’s ejaculate into the uterine cavity of the female partner. It is a rapid, painless and uncomplicated form of fertilisation, successful in many cases.

The term for a fertilisation procedure using donor sperm in place of the male partner’s semen is ‘heterogeneous insemination’. But this is only permitted if the partner’s semen quality is severely compromised. The reformed Reproductive Medicine Law (FMedG) means that this is now also an established option for same-sex couples.


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Rainbow Families Centre

We are one of the few clinics in Austria that has specialised in the desire of lesbian couples to have children since the introduction of the Law on Reproductive Medicine (FMed) in 2015 and can therefore offer suitable experience.

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