The acronym IVF stands for ‘in vitro fertilisation’, while ICSI means ‘intracytoplasmatic sperm injection’. They are standard methods of so-called ‘assisted fertility’. In both treatments, a puncture procedure, conducted via the vagina, is applied to harvest ovum from the woman’s body. The man’s sperm cells (partner or donor) are then used to fertilise the ovum. ICSI treatment involves direct injection (using a needle) of the man’s selected sperm into the partner’s ovum. So, in both cases, fertilisation takes place outside of the woman’s body. The best-developed embryo is then selected and implanted in the uterine cavity (= embryo transfer), prompting natural pregnancy.

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Rainbow Families Centre

We are one of the few clinics in Austria that has specialised in the desire of lesbian couples to have children since the introduction of the Law on Reproductive Medicine (FMed) in 2015 and can therefore offer suitable experience.

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