The goal of hormonal stimulation treatment may be to tease a single follicle into maturing (= monofollicular stimulation), hence providing gentle support to natural follicle growth. Fertilisation can occur if intercourse takes place or insemination is conducted at the time of ovulation, which leads to conception. Thus, hormonal stimulation is necessary at times to enhance methods of natural fertilisation.

Assisted fertility (IVF and ICSI), terms that mean fertilisation outside of the woman’s body, rely on hormonal stimulation. Depending on the medicine dosage selected, we distinguish between ‘natural’, ‘mild’ and ‘classic’. These methods involve fertilisation outside of the woman’s body.


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Rainbow Families Centre

We are one of the few clinics in Austria that has specialised in the desire of lesbian couples to have children since the introduction of the Law on Reproductive Medicine (FMed) in 2015 and can therefore offer suitable experience.

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